Sunday, July 11, 2004

Orange SPV C500

I had a nice chat yesterday with a guy over at Orange Customer Services about upgrading to the SPV C500. Well during our conversation he let me in on a couple of things!

1) Firstly this phone was supposed to be available last week but due to the discovery of a minor technical problem it was delayed; although a subsequent date hasn't been set.

2) He has been hearing rumours that a very small number of phones have made it to retail stores early so they could be sat in a store room near you right now. That's unless they haven't been grabbed by those Phone Trainers already!

3) And last but not least in any way... and this is probably going to upset a few people.... the C500 is not going to be available on upgrade at first. They're earmarking it for new contracts only but I'm assured that it will be on upgrade after a few weeks. This will also be the same case for the Motorola MPX220 :(

4) As someone discovered over at MoDaCo, the Orange SPV M100 is being sold on a few sites to non-corporate customers now. You can now also get them straight from Orange if you're a personal customer but guess what; only on new connections! Damn them.

Why do all these companies insist on giving the best offers to new customers and just making us wait/pay through the nose. Does loyalty mean nothing to these people? And surely holding on to their existing customer base it as (if not more) important as increasing it.

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