Thursday, July 29, 2004

OneNote 2003 SP1 Powertoys

Hot on the heels of SP1, MS has released a couple of cool powertoys for OneNote.
If you've not used OneNote, it's a great note taking application (even better than Notepad!) that works just like an actual notebook/notepad.  Enough chatter about it.... just get a trail from here and give it a go yourself.

Right back to the point....
Send to OneNote from Outlook PowerToy lets you send e-mails from Outlook into OneNote with a single click.  Great for when you want to keep that e-mail with the rest of your notes on a project etc.

Send to OneNote from Internet Explorer PowerToy takes a whole webpage or selected content from IE and stick it into OneNote.  Yes you could do this before by copying/pasting but this does it all in one click.  The only problem is that it simply copies the content rather than taking a snapshot so you loose the nice formatting in OneNote. 

I'd just like to say great work to the team behind these toys :)

Office 2003 SP1 ADM templates

If you're upgrading your clients to SP1 you'll be interested to know that there are new updated ADM/GPO templates available.

They add a few new policies for better control in deploying Office 2003 in an Active Directory enabled network and remove some of the older now-unused policy settings.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Office 2003 SP1 now available

Microsoft have released Service Pack 1 for Office 2003.

You can download it now through Office Update or via the Microsoft Download Center.  At the moment the links for related KB articles are not working but I guess that's because they update their KB system at a different time of day.

Monday, July 26, 2004

MSN Web Messenger

Microsoft has started beta testing a new web interface to the MSN Messenger service.
Creatively named "Web Messenger" it provides an alternative to installing the full-blown Windows client software.

In a nutshell this means that you can access Messenger from any internet connected machine (or device) without having to install a client and open ports on the firewall etc.  Great for those who want to have a chat while at work (as it uses the HTTP protocol) but a pain for us Admins who need to stop people using any type of IM application.  Thank god ISA 2004 makes it so easy to block access to a website! :)

I've giving the new service a go now if I can get signed in!

Monday, July 19, 2004

A new blogger is born...

Martin Booth, a Technical Specialist for Mobility and Devices at Microsoft UK, has graced the web with his first post over at
I wish him all the best and look forward to reading some great articles.  I know there are other sites/blogs for the Windows Mobile platform but with the devices really taking off in the UK it's great to have someone from "home" to tune-in to.
Subscribed :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Xbox 2 announcement at X04?

Steven Bink has posted that Microsoft are set to reveal Xbox 2 at X04 trade show this September.

Head to for more info or the original article can be found at MSXBOX World

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

ISA Server 2004 is released

Microsoft has now released the long awaited ISA Server 2004.

They are really pushing the envelope here with a whole bunch of new features and tie-ins with other products in the Windows Server System range.  But don’t worry about being even more puzzled with how to administer it… MS has done a great job of simplifying the interface and configuration steps.

Now no one has a reason for having an insecure network!  Check out the ISA Server site here.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

NEW PGR2 Booster Pack

Microsoft has today released a new "Long Beech Booster Pack" on XBox Live!

You get tracks based around Long Beech (yeah the name gave it away) and seven new cars to get to grips with. I'm currently downloading it so I don't have the actual car models but I'll post them here shortly.

PS - This is another premium content download and the previous £2.99 fee stands. Well worth it in my opinion.

Oddly the pack is showing 8 news cars rather than 7. They are:

Orange SPV C500

I had a nice chat yesterday with a guy over at Orange Customer Services about upgrading to the SPV C500. Well during our conversation he let me in on a couple of things!

1) Firstly this phone was supposed to be available last week but due to the discovery of a minor technical problem it was delayed; although a subsequent date hasn't been set.

2) He has been hearing rumours that a very small number of phones have made it to retail stores early so they could be sat in a store room near you right now. That's unless they haven't been grabbed by those Phone Trainers already!

3) And last but not least in any way... and this is probably going to upset a few people.... the C500 is not going to be available on upgrade at first. They're earmarking it for new contracts only but I'm assured that it will be on upgrade after a few weeks. This will also be the same case for the Motorola MPX220 :(

4) As someone discovered over at MoDaCo, the Orange SPV M100 is being sold on a few sites to non-corporate customers now. You can now also get them straight from Orange if you're a personal customer but guess what; only on new connections! Damn them.

Why do all these companies insist on giving the best offers to new customers and just making us wait/pay through the nose. Does loyalty mean nothing to these people? And surely holding on to their existing customer base it as (if not more) important as increasing it.

Friday, July 09, 2004

The lone post

This is probably going to be the only post of the day from me.

I’ve just got out of a long web design meeting for our new website and with that and other things I’ve dropped right behind with my work.  Ah well, the weekend cometh so it can all wait until Monday morning.


Thursday, July 08, 2004

Orange SPV C500 Review

Over at MoDaCo, Simon Desser has posted a couple of snippets from the latest edition of W@Mob (What Mobile) who has just reviewed the up-and-coming SPV C500 from Orange.

If you’ve not heard about this yet (and don’t worry because you will soon enough) this is the smallest SmartPhone to be released to date.  And don’t go thinking the only way they’ve managed this it to remove all the insides… noooo! This phone packs bluetooth, IR, a mini-SD slot, and a 4x zoom camera all in a package just slightly bigger that the old Nokia 8210.  Purely amazing!

Now all I need is a release date and I’ll be counting the days.

PS – For that size comparison take a look at

Dynamic web layouts

Microsoft Research has an article here about a new templated document system that can dynamically alter the layout of a webpage depending on user preference and viewing condition.

For example on a hi-res workstation you may see multiple columns but over on a laptop or tablet the columns would be reduced to give a better reading experience.

A nice idea but would this be widely used in a world where web-developers take great pride and time in coming up the perfect design/layout?  Anyway I’m sure this is a heads up for a new feature in the “Longhorn” wave somewhere…. maybe….. J

FREE Digital Certificates

I’m not sure how new this setup is but I’ve had a few links to CACert who are offering free digital certificates.

This doesn’t seem to be limited to user certs (for e-mail signing etc) but they can provide server & wildcard certificates for you internet servers.  For those not in the know, wildcard certificates allow a single cert (normally mapped to your firewall etc) to provide SSL connectivity to multiple hosts.  So a certificate with the common name of * can cover, and any other hosts you have.  Personally I use a wildcard certificate on our ISA server and this eliminates the need for a different public IP address for each SSL secured host.

I can’t confirm at the moment if these are all free as the site seems to be having a glitch with MySQL but I’ll keep checking.

New Microsoft Mice

ActiveWin have posted a bunch high-res images of some rather odd looking mice from Microsoft. 

It looks like they're carrying on their very artistic designs with these... not sure if I like the look though personally.Posted by Hello

Updated Help file for Exchange Server 2003 SP1

The Microsoft Exchange Team over at You Had Me At EHLO... have posted a link to the new Exchange Server 2003 help files that were updated with the release of Service Pack 1.

You’ll find a few new topics that cover the new features and functionality of SP1 as well as a couple of things that didn’t make it in to the RTM help files I’m sure.

You can get it here:

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

UK Exchange Server Professionals

If you’ve not already heard Adam has set up the first UK user group on Exchange Server.

The inaugural event took place a couple of days ago at MS UK down in Reading and I have to say it went very well with almost 100% attendance which is very high for a free meeting of this type.

After putting some feelers out Adam has decided to make this is free membership so if you work with Exchange Server from a Pro side (read: you use Exchange rather than being an ‘Outlook connecting to Exchange’ user) head over to and register.

Go on…. One day you might be glad of the support J

Automate configuration of XPSP2 Firewall

A good read for those people who like to automate the installation of systems to allow extra web-time or whatever time wasting past-time you choose. J

This document covers the customization of the INF file used when setting up Windows Firewall under the up-and-coming Windows XP Service Pack 2.  Handy for small businesses and home users but for those Pro’s out there don’t forget that all of this can be done through Group Policies.

Grab the download here over at MS.

ADODB.Stream patch still leaves IE vulnerable

Over at there’s a report that last weeks IE fix wasn’t entirely a ‘fix’.
Well technically it is and does work ‘as it says on the tin’ but leaves other exploits open that stem from the original security hole.

Head over to for more details and the original article.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

My first post

Well I'm not quiet sure what this blog is doing to consist of yet but I'm working on it.

In between doing everything else that is! Bear with me....